My dear Mistress, 

Thank you. I really enjoyed our session. I'm sure I will come back to Prague later in the year and I will definitely visit you again. You really are incredibly beautiful and it was an amazing feeling to beg at your feet.

Your humble slave 



Mistress SAMANTHA,

    without waiting, I should like to thank You for the wonderful time spent under your control. I appreciated enormously the session, specially your way of playing SM, so varying and inventive, and your extraordinary beauty : as much as I could remember, You are really the most beautiful Mistress that I have ever seen ! Hope you accept me again in the future for adoring You again in your dungeon !​

your repentant little worm




Dear Mistress Samantha

It has been a pleasure meeting you today! After our session I feel relieved form all stress and totally relaxed. When coming to your dungeon I didn't exactly know what to expect. I had only read your website and had seen your pictures on the internet. Being a little skeptical about all marketing efforts, I was pleased to see that you  look even better in real life and you more than make-up for the promises on your website!

This was the first time I had a session like this! What I have done before was a different experience. In hindsight I should have told You I'm a novice, but I think You guessed this was a new experience for me after 2 minutes. A new experience, where I made some beginners mistakes. I have the tendency to control and influence what's happening around me. 
BIG MISTAKE! In the beginning of the session I thought I could do same for our session by indicating what I liked and what I didn't like... I learned my lesson the hard way that only You determine the course of actions.


After our meeting today I can confirm that you really make up the  promises on your website that you're a Mistress of the highest level, strict, seductive and sensual and that You will show how to serve and obey properly on your knees.

Once again it was a pleasure meeting You and if my behavior was acceptable to You, I would like to schedule another session in 3-4 weeks.

Kindest regards,





Dear Madam Samantha,

Thank You  so much Madam for my first initiation into worship and servitude unto You. I truly beg the opportunity to go further and deeper into Your care and control.  You are Dominance, inside and out and i respect and truly appreciate this. You are purely beautiful Madam Samantha ! 


your slave Ian​



My Goddess!


it has been a great pleasure for me to serve You again. It has been a wonderful dive in the ocean of bdsm and femdom. ​